You are not here
merely to make a
living. You are here
in order to enable
the world to live
more amply, with
greater vision, with a
finer spirit of hope
and achievement.
You are here to
enrich the world, and
you impoverish
yourself if
you forget the
Bailey Care Homes, Inc.
"A Great Place to Live!"
Shawn Spears-Bailey
Licensee, CEO
Bailey Care Homes, Inc.

Phone: 949-597-0017
Fax:       949-606-7011
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Shawn has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University and
a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication from Grambling State University. She
has been in the developmental field since 1999 and began her career as a
QMRP/Administrator for ICF/DD-H and N six-bed facilities.  During her tenure she
has received several “no deficiency” surveys and thoroughly enjoys working in this

Shawn has experience working with developmentally disabled adults with severe
behavioral concerns.  She has experience with the ongoing Community Placement
Program project with Lanterman, Fairview and Porterville Developmental Centers
and has assisted several clients to successfully transition into community
placement.  Shawn has shown exceptional skills in areas such as management,
assessment, behavioral modification planning and implementation, anger
management therapy and motivation of staff.  
Our BCH 1&2 Team
Left to Right - Rosa Hernandes,
Christa Paul, Darlene Kalenik
Bailey Care Homes, Inc. Management Team:

Darlene Kalenik: QMRP, Bailey Care Homes #1 and #2.

Christa Paul: Administrator, Bailey Care Homes #1 and #2.

Shawn Bailey: Licensee and CEO, Bailey Care Homes, Inc.

Sylvia Oladokun: Administrator, Bailey Care Homes #3 and #4.

Rosa Hernandez: House Manager, Bailey Care Homes #1 and #2.

Angela Kendrick: House Manager, Bailey Care Homes #3 and #4
Not Pictured: Brittany James: House Manager, Bailey Care Home #7
                      Chela-Rene Spaargaren: Nurse, Bailey Care Homes #1, 2, 3, 4 and 7
                      Tamarra Frisbey: Office Manager/Human Resources
Our Management Team
Left to Right - Christa Paul,
Shawn Bailey, Sylvia Oladokun,  
Darlene Kalenik
Our Management Team
Left to Right - Angela Kendrick
and Rosa Hernandes